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Factory BJJ / Combat Base Stockport opened in March 2008.

Based in our own dedicated martial arts gym in Reddish, Stockport (UK) we run BJJ (gi), Submission Wrestling (no gi), BJJ conditioning and Wrestling classes.

We also have Kids Jiu Jitsu classes from 2 years old!

BJJ Classes

We are an official Combat Base club, where we work closely with their black belt coaches Darren and Helen Currie, as well as Chris Haueter.

Factory are active on both the competition and seminar scene, they have hosted seminars with the likes of Robson Moura, Jeff Glover, Yuri Simoes, John Will, Wellington ‘Megaton’ DiasSteve Campbell (Stealth BJJ), Chris Hauter, plus Darren and Helen Currie.

Factory Class Web 3Address: Unit 12, Vauxhall Industrial Estate, Greg St, Stockport, Cheshire SK5 7BR


Phone: 0161 300 8795

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