Come Visit Sometime!

No Politcs!

Regardless of where you train you’re more than welcome to come and train with us.

Wear your club gis / rashguards / shorts etc

At Factory we don’t have any uniform policy. Wear what you normally would, if that means a bright green gi – cool!

Contact us if you need any more info

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Call us on 0161 300 8795 or use the contact form below.

Is there anything else I should know?


We roll to the IBJJF Rules

We are a BJJ club, so no heel hooks or knee reaping please. Also roll to the submissions at your belt level, so no knee bars as a white belt etc.


Bring some flip flops / trainers

The changing rooms are down-stairs and the mat is upstairs, so bring some footwear so you can walk through the fitness area upstairs and also go to the loo.


We don't have any rituals or use titles

There is no need to bow or call the black belts professor. Also feel free to ask higher grades to roll – we encourage it!

Pricing Options

Single Class

  • Any Single Class (BJJ, No Gi, Wrestling etc)

Week Pass

  • Unlimited Classes for 7 whole Days

8 Session Pass

  • Any 8 Classes during that month.

Month Pass

  • Unlimited 4-week pass. All day, everyday if you like.

Contact Form

8 + 11 =


Unit 22

Haigh Park

Whitehill Industrial Estate




Phone: 0161 300 8795



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