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Adam Adshead BJJ Black Belt Adam started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in February 2004 at Revolution in Stockport.

He worked up through the belts and was awarded his Black Belt in November 2014 by Chris Haueter in Los Angeles, California.

He lives and breathes all aspects of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle – becoming a full-time coach and spending all his time on the mat.

Adam has trained with some of the top BJJ practitioners and coaches in the world. He has travelled to America on a number of occasions and all around the UK to train with and/or attend seminars with the following: The Mendes Brothers, Andre Galvao, Robson Moura, Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles, Xande Ribiero, Michael Langhi, Rodolfo Viera, Rafael Lovato Jnr, Jeff Glover, Chris Haueter, Robert Drysdale, Ricardo De La Riva, John Will , Megaton Dias and Fernado ‘Terere’ Augusto.

As for competing, Adam has fought at a range of competitions including the 2009,  2012 and 2013 World Championships in Los Angeles, the Pan Ams in Irvine, California in 2013 and 2014 and at the European Championships in Portugal from 2011-2014. In 2012 Adam got the silver medal at the BJJ European Championships, plus he won the European No Gi Championships too – both in the adult brown belt super-feather division.

Adam coaches the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Gi classes, BJJ Basic Classes and Kids Classes at Factory BJJ. adam-adshead   Check out Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine for an interview with Adam! AdamJJS-Mag

James Nardone


James started training back at Revolution in 2006.

James worked his way through the belts and recieved his Black Belt in July 2015 from Darren and Helen Currie.

He actively competes in BJJ competitions several times a year and has competed in America, Sweden, Portugal and across the UK.

James has also competed in both the World and European BJJ Championships.

As a Brown Belt James has won gold at the Hereford Open, plus has medals at a range of other competitions, putting himself up there as one of the best Brown belt competitors at his weight in the UK.

He cannot wait to make his Black Belt debut on the competition scene and is hoping to do so later this year.

As for expanding his knowledge, James is always keen to seek out new techniques and training methods. He is often seen at seminars and he has even traveled to America and Japan to train with some of the best BJJ coaches in the world.


Gary Furlong

Gary BJJ Black Belt

Gary Furlong is Factory BJJ’s No Gi Coach and he is a Black Belt in BJJ under Darren and Helen Currie.

As well as being a wizard in the gi, Gary is also an expert on the No Gi side of the game – teaching the No Gi class on Thursday at 7.45pm.

Gary is very detailed and knowledgable with his coaching and is always on hand to answer questions and improve everyone’s game, however he can.

Leroy Holcroft

Leroy is rarely off the mat at Factory.

As well as being a purple belt, he assists in most classes – especially the Kids, Intro and White Belt Classes. Leroy also runs the Conditioning Class downstairs at Factory Fitness every Wednesday at 7.30pm

Scott Smith

Scott is Factory’s Wrestling Coach. He began Wrestling back in his native Oklahoma  in the USA, aged 5.

Since then Scott has also added BJJ to his grappling and his a blue belt at Factory.

Scott teaches the Wrestling class on Wednesday but you’ll also see him training in the gi and throughout the week in the regular classes.

Cat Nardone

Cat is an assistant coach in the Kids BJJ Classes.

She is also Factory’s very first female BJJ blue belt and is now a Purple Belt.

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