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Kids Jiu Jitsu

Kids Jiu Jitsu

Kids BJJ every Saturday from 945-1030am (6+) and 1030 till 11.15am (10+), plus Wednesday from 515-6pm (6 year and up).

‘Parent and Me’ class every Saturday at 9-9.30am (2-5 years)

To book your child/children a spot in the class, drop us an email at FactoryBJJ [@] or give us a call on 0161 300 8795.

Their first class is FREE, all we ask is to be sure they are wearing jogging pants and a hoody to simulate the uniform we wear.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer you can come down anytime to watch a session first before trying one.

After they love it (which they will!) they will need to buy a gi/uniform at the price of £25 – but if you’d prefer to wait a few weeks to see if they stick at it, that’s fine with us.

The prices are as follows:

£20 per month – 1 Class per week (1 Child) 

£40 £36 per month – 1 Class per week (2 Children) 10% Discount

£40 per month – 2 Classes per week (1 Child) 

£80 £64 per month – 2 Classes per week (2 Children) 20% Discount

**Futher discounts are available for more children **

If you would prefer to pay per class the price is £6 per session.

We work to the IBJJF Kids Belt Grading System. With each belt also having three stripes on to mark their progress.

IBJJF Kids Belts
It’s worth mentioning that we DO NOT charge for Kids Gradings, new belts, stripes, trophies, merit patches and badges or certificates etc .

As for an introduction to our coaches, let me introduce myself first

Adam Adshead Passport size

My name is Adam Adshead and run and own Factory BJJ, which was set-up in 2008. Prior to that I trained and coached at Revolution in Stockport from 2004.

I am now a full-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / martial arts coach, but prior to going full-time one of my jobs was that of a brain injury support worker. I worked 1-2-1 with various people, including children, helping them with everyday tasks in school and in the community. I worked for JSP Manchester for almost 3 years doing such work and in such time went on and passed a number of courses including child protection, young adult protection and first aid courses.

My assistant coach in all of the classes is Leroy Holcroft.

Leroy has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2007. He is a primary school teacher and has taught all ages at primary level since becoming a teacher seven years ago.

We’re both really looking forward to seeing the continued growth of the kids class and one thing is for sure – it’s a lot of fun for everyone who attends! The kids love all aspects of training and as with the adult classes it’s always amazing to see their confidence, fitness, positive attitude and enjoyment levels grow week by week.

If you have any questions or want your kids to try a class, please get in touch!

We are taking on new members again!


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