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Looking for Kids Jiu Jitsu?

Classes for kids as young as 2 years old


Their first class is FREE!


Contact us if you need any more info

Please note we can only add you to our waiting list because COVID 19 Guidelines and local lockdown mean we are unable to run Kids Classes because of the close contact.

What ages do you take the kids from?

The youngest kids we teach are 2 years old. We have two age grous - The 'Parent and Me' class is every Saturday at 9am and that's for 2-5 years. The second group is for kids ages 6-15 years.

What time are the classes?

The class times are as follows:

2 - 5 Years (Parent & Me) - Saturday at 9am

All Ages (6+) - Wednesday at 5.15pm - 6pm

6 - 10 Years - Saturday at 9.45 - 10.30am

11 - 15 Years - Saturday at 10.30 - 11.15am

Can you tell me more about the 'Parent and Me' Class?
Of course! The premise is simple; lots of games, obstacle courses and jiu jitsu skills which the child does along with the parent.


Don't worry,no experience is needed for the parents, just be sure to wear loose fitting clothing and expect for your child to do lots of jiu jitsu on you! 🙂

How does the 6+ class work?
The kids take part in the classes without the parents but don't worry we have a seating area so you're free to watch. We group the children together based on age and experience. We work to a similar class structure every week which is - warm-up, jiu jitsu techniques, drills and a game to end.
Do they need a gi/uniform to start?
No. We understand that kids can change their minds and can be fickle at times. So for the first month we're happy for them to jump in wearing joggers and t-shirt. This minimises the cost for the parents of buying a gi/uniform until they're sure their child wants to stick it out.
Do the kids get promoted, wear different belts?

Yes! We work to the IBJJF grading system, which starts at white belt and ends with Green belt with a black stripe.


We promote the kids every 3 months mainly on their ability, but also their - approach to training, behaviour and attendance.

IBJJF Kids Belts Please note we DO NOT charge for gradings or belts.

Do you have many girls training?
Yes, the classes are probably a 60/40 split of boys to girls. They love it as much as the boys do!
How much is a gi/uniform?

The most popular gi with the kids is £45. They come in a range of colours, including pink for the girls. We do sell a more basic gi at £25 as well. If you are buying gis for more than one child I will do you a discount.

How much are classes / do you offer discounts for more than one child?

We sure do! The prices are as follows:



£20 per month – 1 Class per week (1 Child)

£36 per month – 1 Class per week (2 Children) - 10% Discount

£40 per month – 2 Classes per week (1 Child)

£64 per month – 2 Classes per week (2 Children) - 20% Discount

**Futher discounts are available for more children **

If you would prefer to pay per class the price is £6 per session.

Please note we can only add you to our waiting list because COVID 19 Guidelines and local lockdown mean we are unable to run Kids Classes because of the close contact.


Unit 22

Haigh Park

Whitehill Industrial Estate




Phone: 0161 300 8795



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