“I had the honor of stopping by Factory BJJ while on a tour of the U.K and I must say Adam is one of the best instructors I have ever seen teach.

Not only is Adam a great instructor but he is truly a great guy with an awesome group of students and facility!”

JT Polaroid

JT Torres

BJJ World Champion // Black Belt // ADCC Medalist

Adam Adshead is a fantastic coach. He has an excellent technical knowledge, and can convey this well to his students.

More importantly, though, he has an obvious love for the sport, and will go out of his way to help his students improve.

He helped me out greatly when training for the ADCC tournament, and gave me several pointers that really helped my game. I’d highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn jiu jitsu.”

Rosi Sexton UFC

Rosi Sexton

ADCC Competitor / UFC veteran

“I just love training with the Factory BJJ guys!
Adam is so technically orientated, so creative in his approach to Jiu Jitsu, that grappling with him is like playing a game of chess while running an obstacle course!”

Haueter New PolaroidChris Haueter
Combat Base – 4th Degree BJJ black belt

Factory BJJ provides the kind of grass-roots training that has always appealed most strongly to me in my martial arts travels.

The culture that Adam has built on his mat is one of mutual respect and infectious enthusiasm. I absolutely loved my recent visit and cannot wait to get back there next year.”

John Will Polaroid new
John B Will
Principal Instructor – BJJ Australasia – 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt

“I’ve seen Adam Adshead‘s teaching and it’s some of the best out there.
He’s an excellent competitor, coach and instructor. I recommend him to all my students and friends.”

Jordon Schultz Polaroid2
Jordon Schultz
2 x World BJJ Champion // BJJ Black Belt

“This was my first ever seminar in the UK and the guys all treated me with a lot of respect. The club has a great atmosphere with a great group of people to train with.

I look forward to going back to roll and train with them again soon and would highly recommend that anyone looking for a club in that area should check out Factory BJJ.”


Wellington ‘Megaton’ Dias
4th Degree BJJ Black Belt – Gracie Humaitá

Factory BJJ is a fantastic place to train. When I first began training I was a little nervous, but everyone welcomed me with open arms.
I enjoy training at Factory BJJ for many reasons a few of them being – the atmosphere of the gym is great, no matter what sex you are you are treated equally and the coaches are highly professional and very helpful.

I would strongly recommend to all women and men who wish to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to come and down and join the club!”
Liz Crowley – BJJ – Predators MMA

“When I started training at Factory BJJ I was the only woman and I was worried about training with all men but I have always been made to feel welcome.
The coaching at Factory BJJ is great; Adam and the rest of the coaches are always on hand to give advice when you need it.
Women are in the minority in BJJ but I am lucky enough to have some great female training partners, as well as lots of great male training partners of all levels. Factory BJJ has a relaxed atmosphere but everyone trains hard and has fun at the same time.“
Cat Barkley – One of Factory’s female athletes

“I’ve been training at Factory BJJ since its inception, having trained in several martial arts previously over the last twenty years or so..
Factory welcomes everyone, aiming to build and develop the skills of all who train there, whether they are complete beginners or experienced elsewhere; catering for those who enjoy learning a fascinating art in a supportive environment; coaching those who wish to compete to tournament success.
With links to BJJ talent locally and internationally, as well as contacts in allied fields, there’s always something to look forward to at Factory BJJ.
John Allen – Factory BJJ member