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What classes are ideal for….

White Belts

The 5 Introductory Classes are for those new to the club. The classes are every Tuesday at 6.15pm and Saturday at 11.15am. They are low-tempo in style, focusing on the fundamental techniques of BJJ.

The white belt classes are every Monday and Tuesday at 7pm. They build on the topics in the Intro Classes and ideal for beginners once they complete the 5 Intro Class Topics.

The Saturday Class at 12pm is ideal for all levels. We focus just on techniques with a new topic every class. These sessions are great for working on other areas of your game, as the topic is always different from the White Belt Class that week.

The Open Mats are a time to come in and use the mat for your own training. Whether that’s sparring/rolling or drilling, make the most of the time to work on your game. There are always coaches/advanced belts in the class or on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The day class is Monday to Friday at 10 till 11.30am. We do 1hr of 5 minute drilling rounds, then 30 mins of 5 minute rolling rounds or more drilling if you’d prefer. Head Coach Adam Adshead is always in the class to answer any questions you may have and give you stuff to drill. Visitors always welcome.

No Gi is every Thursday at 7pm. In terms of attire, wear a rash guard/t-shirt and shorts.
The class is for all levels and starts with a warm-up then followed by techniques and rolling.

The Wrestling Class is every Wednesday at 6.15pm. Coach Scott focuses on a Folk and Collegiate style. He covers all things from takedowns, defending the takedowns to turnovers. This class is private booking only based class, please speak to Scott/Adam for more info.

The Comp Class is every Monday at 8pm and Friday at 630pm. We focus on scenario based drills and sparring for those looking to prepare for competition. At least 6 months of training is needed before entering this class and you need to book onto the class beforehand – speak to Adam if you’re interested.

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Day Class – 10-11.30am

White Belt Class – 7-8pm

Comp Class – 8-9pm



Day Class – 10-11.30am

Intro Class – 6.15-7pm

White Belt Class – 7-8pm

Advanced Class – 8-9.30pm



Day Class – 10-11.30am

Kids Class (6-11yrs) – 5.15-6pm

Wrestling – 6.15-7.15pm

Open Mat – 7.15-830pm




Day Class – 10-11.30am

No Gi – 7-8pm

Advanced Class – 8-9pm



Day Class – 10-11.30am

Comp Class – 6.30-8pm



Kids Class (2-5 yrs) – 9-9.30am

Kids Class (6-11 yrs) – 9.45-10.30am

Teens Class (11-15 yrs) – 10.30-11.15am

Intro Class – 11.15-12pm

BJJ Class – 12-1pm

Open Mat – 1-2.30pm



Open Mat – 10-11.30am


Unit 22

Haigh Park

Whitehill Industrial Estate




Phone: 0161 300 8795



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